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Repurposing donated pianos in ways that promote the love of music, provide educational opportunities, and empower creative expression.

Pianos On Parade

Since 2010, POP has connected local businesses, professional artists, municipalities, children, teachers, and schools to produce over 200 engaging public art installations featuring uniquely designed pianos. Learn how to unlock POP for your community below.

How to Unlock POP for Your Community

Your participation in POP helps residents feel a greater emotional connection to their community. These colorful pianos enliven spaces, create spontaneous and memorable interactions.

Second Hand Upright Piano

Student POP invites students to participate in a multi-disciplinary, hands-on, team-building activity that builds self-esteem and cooperation skills. We provide supplies and curriculum resources, and use the arts to engage kids in the learning process.
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Artist POP pairs you with a professional artist and you two go at it to create a colorful creation that represents you. The artist can work with you in terms of using certain colors and/or design elements that help to create an interactive marketing catalyst for public engagement. Click above to learn more.

In 2008, the JOHN S. AND JAMES L. KNIGHT FOUNDATION along with GALLUP conducted a 3-year study called the SOUL OF THE COMMUNITY. They found that three perceived attributes - SOCIAL OFFERINGS, OPENNESS, and BEAUTY - have consistently emerged as leading drivers of empowered and thriving communities, even above local economy. PIANOS ON PARADE (POP) provides the community with interactive, public art installments that satisfy all three of these characteristics. 

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The MDC inspires Minneapolis residents to get outdoors and experience their extraordinary downtown in-the-making. Each year the MDC coordinates the sponsorship of 25 or more pianos to be placed in spaces around Minneapolis.

The 2019 pianos will be placed shortly after Memorial Day and be available for the public to enjoy throughout the month of June.

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At the fair, Minnesotans prefer everything on a stick, even their pianos...

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The KCMTA celebrated 100 years of musical excellence and music-making in Kansas City: a record-breaking 60+ pianos were painted at Union Station and installed throughout the KC metro area...

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Podrebarac, beloved illustrator and creator of "Cowtown," designed the 100th Anniversary Grand Piano commemorating KCMTA's centennial anniversary. Today, the piano continues to be showcased at Kansas City Union Station...

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Dubbed by Forbes magazine as "one of the hottest little retailers" in America, Mary Carol Garrity injected the loveliness & homely energy characteristic of the Nell Hill's brand housed at Briarcliff. The last thing Mary wanted was "a Nordstroms kind of piano." 

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At a mind-boggling 4.2 million square feet, Mall of America is the nations largest retail and entertainment complex. It is home to 520 world-class shops, an indoor amusement park, walk-through aquarium, and Spongebob Squarepants...

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SWING, BATTER, BATTER, BATTER: The City of Merriam immortalized The Royals' world series victory over the New York Mets with this Champions Piano. On one side you can play the piano; the other side is a batting cage. To the victor go the spoils...

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Regularly scheduled events such as Weekly Storytimes have connected children, teens, and adults in the Twin Cities area with great books and great authors for 30 years. The Red Balloon added a unique twist to Storytime by integrating this marvelously imaginative piano...

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Music teacher JohnMichael Jurica desired to enhance the existing arts curricula at GLE. Through Pianos On Parade, his students were exposed to how pianos work, the physics of sound, woodworking, and painting...


Seeking to draw art-centric frequent fliers and provide calming creative outlets amid the "stressors of travel," the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport turned to spontaneous music-making...

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