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Piano Placement

October 2015  Twin Cities Recipient  NILS W., 8 :   "I like music because it makes me smarter. I think music helps me with math, hand-eye coordination, and memory. I want to get good at playing the piano and play it for my whole life. I want to play on a real piano because my keyboard does not have pedals and it is three octaves shorter than a real piano."

The PIANO PLACEMENT program provides pianos to low-income families, schools, and community centers. Every month we select families or organizations throughout the Twin Cities metro area to receive a piano. The cost of the instrument and delivery are completely waived and there are no additional fees whatsoever.

Review Process

We review submitted applications to the Piano Placement program on a continual basis, and strive to grant a piano on at least a monthly basis. We encourage people to fill out the application as completely as possible, with the understanding that we may follow up with a request for more information. Applicants are not guaranteed to be selected, but we do review and respond to every application.

November 2015  Kansas City   Recipient  VIANNA M., 11 :   "Piano is my passion. I love every lesson I get. One day I want to play on a real stage in front of an audience."

Supporting Documents: Proof of Need & Letter

Along with filling out the application on the bottom of this page, applicants will be asked to email one of the following to demonstrate proof of need:  

  • Tax Return from prior year, Form 1040

  • Copy of pay stubs from last 2 months

  • Proof of Recipient's Enrollment in Free or Reduced Lunch Program

Additionally, we ask that applicants email one of the following:

  • Letter of Recommendation from potential recipient's music Instructor, if you are a parent applying

  • Statement of Intent from music instructor, if you are an organization applying

Please use the words "Piano Placement Application" and the applicant’s name in the email title and send to before submitting your application.

Keys 4/4 Kids Piano Placement Application

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