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Repurposing donated pianos in ways that promote the love of music, provide educational opportunities, and empower creative expression.

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Keys 4/4 Kids intakes newly donated pianos on a weekly basis. There are five price points for our pianos: $199, $499, $999, $1499 and $1999+ (OBO). Pianos priced at $499 and above are cleaned, serviced, pitch-raised and protected under a limited 1-year warranty. Keys 4/4 Kids piano technicians and fully-insured movers take great care in the preparation and delivery of your piano to its new loving home. Please take a moment to read through FAQ about finding a piano at Keys 4/4 Kids!


"Where do your pianos come from?"

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The Keys 4/4 Kids inventory is extensive thanks to the generosity of our community.

We want to provide you with as much of a catered experience as possible based on the information you provide on our Piano Finder Web Form. Let us know what your piano preferences are -- Is it a spinet upright? Grand? Is your child just starting to play? What color would it need to be to match the room? Do you enjoy a warm, bold, or bright sound? You can find the Piano Finder Web Form at the bottom of this page.

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