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Repurposing donated pianos in ways that promote the love of music, provide educational opportunities, and empower creative expression.

Grace Lutheran English Church & School

I feel like the ultimate mission intended for Pianos on Parade and the mission for CLEF (Chicago Lutheran Education Foundation) can go hand in hand if we were to work together on this project...this cooperative effort could become a reality and turn into something really big in the city of Chicago, a real win win situation for everybody, especially the kids."

- John Michael Jurica, Music Teacher at Grace Lutheran English Church & School

Keys 4/4 Kids is thrilled to be working with creative teachers and schools to enhance their existing arts curricula. JohnMichael Jurica wrote to us in early 2016 about the possibility of bringing Pianos On Parade (POP) to Grace English Lutheran. Through a successful POP partnership, students at Grace English Lutheran were exposed to how pianos work, the physics of sound, woodworking and painting. Their collaboratively transformed "Make A Joyful Noise" piano now beautifies the surrounding community at 5659 W. Diversey.