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Nicholas David & @TheFeelin Band at Minneapolis Aquatennial - TARGET Fireworks

[From AQUATENNIAL] : Join us for the Target Fireworks, set to take place Saturday, July 23 at 10:00 pm. One of the country’s largest annual fireworks displays. Watch the Target Fireworks light up the Minneapolis sky! Come early for Aquatennial Pre-Fireworks Festivities beginning at 6 pm and enjoy food trucks, your favorite festival treats, live music and much more. A full schedule of the pre-fireworks festivities and music lineup will be announced soon.

Viewing Tips

Come early to get your viewing spot—bring sunscreen for the afternoon and bug spray for the evening. The best spots are between Gold Medal Park and the 3rd Avenue Bridge on West River Parkway. It’s not unusual for people to begin staking out their spots along the Mississippi Riverfront in the morning, so to ensure your best viewing location be sure to head downtown with time to spare!

Part of the experience is enjoying the music that accompanies the Target Fireworks, which are choreographed and synced together. Tune into Go 96.3 FM and enjoy the simulcast of music set to the Target Fireworks display! Learn more about the Target Fireworks below in our “Fast Facts.”

While you’re waiting for the Target Fireworks and the pre-fireworks festivities to begin, don’t miss out on other Aquatennial events that are taking place along the Mississippi Riverfront. Twin Cities CariFest is approximately 1.5 miles up the road, a leisurely walk or bike ride away. Take a stroll and enjoy an afternoon out and about in Minneapolis while enjoying multiple Aquatennial events!