Keys 4/4 Kids | Upright & Grand Pianos for Sale

Repurposing donated pianos in ways that promote the love of music, provide educational opportunities, and empower creative expression.

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#PianosInTheParks with Make Music Chicago


Pianos At Chicago Parks & Beaches Let You Tickle The Ivories Under The Sun

ROGERS PARK — At Loyola Beach Park, the sound of an upright piano has joined the swelling chorus of crashing waves, laughter, bike bells and seagulls.

It sits on a small concrete slab surrounded by sunken benches and a walking path just west of where the city meets the sand along the beach.

Linze Rice on another way to enjoy Chicago parks.


The piano is one of seven placed across the city's parks and beaches through Make Music Chicago's Pianos in the Parks program. The pianos were provided by Keys 4/4 Kids, a Southwest Side nonprofit that refurbishes old pianos for sale or donation.

Until Aug. 1, anyone can sit and play at the pianos during Park District hours.

Once you pull out the bench and sit down, the overlooking views of a turquoise Lake Michigan (and similarly turquoise Crepes on the Beach shack), it's hard not to try to pound out a tune.

Find a complete list of locations below:

• Calumet Park: 9801 S. Avenue G
• Garfield Park Conservatory: 300 N. Central Park Ave.
• Hamilton Park: 513 W. 72nd St.
• Indian Boundary Park: 2500 W. Lunt Ave.
• Loyola Park: 1230 W. Greenleaf Ave.
• Mozart Park: 2036 N. Avers Ave.
• Washington Square Park: 901 N. Clark St.