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Connecting Community, Unlocking Possibility, and Engaging Creativity through Music and the Arts

Our Story

Keys 4/4 Kids is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that strives to initiate transformation in the lives of our children, our donors, and our community through the production and exploration of art and music. Keys 4/4 Kids accepts donations of used and unwanted pianos and its professional piano technicians rejuvenate them for resale. Proceeds from these sales support three major youth and civic programs: Piano Placement, Pianos on Parade, and The Ellen Project. These programs provide opportunities for artistic expression in our youth, encourage community partnerships, and make the arts available to all people, regardless of income, age, or previous arts experience. 

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In 2010, Keys 4/4 Kids inaugurated its PIANO PLACEMENT program and PIANOS ON PARADE (POP). These two charitable initiatives began making good on the nonprofit's promise to inspire young people to believe in themselves and have grown every year in scale, participation, and community support.

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The business of collecting, refurbishing, and selling old pianos continued to gain momentum. By late 2011, Keys 4/4 Kids had expanded to Chicago, IL and Kansas City, MO.

In 2017, Keys 4/4 Kids began expanding program activities to several other national markets across the United States. We hope to share the power of music and the arts with more people and communities in the coming years.

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